Map of All MTA Maryland Stops

When I’m not riding the bus, I’m making maps. It is what I do for work (and sometimes fun). I produced a map of every MTA Maryland transit stop. These could be rail, metro, MARC, or bus. I used Google Refine to clean up the data and Carto to map it!

Zoom into Baltimore or Washington and pan around. The number of stops is staggering (although routes don’t use every stop). Click a point to see more details.

Technical Notes

The data are sourced from the GTFS data exchange.

I brought the stops file into Google Refine and ran a whole bunch of transformations to fix things like case, abbreviations, spacing, and formatting. Many of the stops had abbreviations like F/S (far side) that are not clear, so I spelled them all out. Google Refine lets you manipulate massive data sets like this (6228 records) easily! Next, I exported that data and pulled it into Carto.

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